Russians are fleeing their country: there are huge queues at the border with Kazakhstan, and Latvia has stopped issuing visas

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Russians react to the incident between the Wagnerians and the Russian army
Russians react to the incident between the Wagnerians and the Russian army

A huge queue appeared on the border between Russia and Kazakhstan. At the same time, in order to stop the flow of migrants from the aggressor country, Latvia has stopped issuing humanitarian visas, among other things.

As Latvian President Edgars Rinkēvičs wrote on his Twitter page, the country is suspending the issuance of humanitarian visas for Russian citizens. "In connection with the events in Russia, Latvia will not issue humanitarian or other visas, which has not changed since 19.09.22. restrictions on border crossing for Russian citizens have been introduced," the Latvian leader said.

President of Latvia Edgars Rinkēvičs

The countries are coordinating joint border security with Russia and will take further joint decisions if necessary. Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský also reacted to the events in Russia. He said that now a summer holiday in the de-occupied Crimea is becoming a more realistic prospect.

There were also reports of huge queues at the border between Russia and Kazakhstan.


"The first thing Russians do when they have problems in their country is to flee to Kazakhstan. Video from the border between Kazakhstan and Russia. Huge queues of Russians who want to become Kazakhs," reads the post on social media.

Earlier, in the Rostov region of Russia, against the backdrop of the rebellion of Yevgeny Prigozhin's Wagner PMC, local authorities tried to reassure Russians with stories about food supplies. The director of the region's consumer market department, Alexey Pankratov, said that the stocks would last for a week.

In the Russian Federation, banks have raised the cash exchange rates for the dollar and euro. The dollar rose from 84 to 105 rubles, and the euro from 92 to 115 rubles.

The day before, Prigozhin declared "war" on Shoigu: since the morning of 24 June, buildings have been seized in Rostov-on-Don, shootings have been reported in Voronezh Oblast, and a large number of military vehicles and armed men have been spotted in a number of regions. A counter-terrorist operation was announced even in Moscow, and in several regions people were urged not to leave their homes.

According to Prigozhin, mercenaries control all military facilities in Rostov, including the airfield. He issued an ultimatum to Shoigu.

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