Russia will be pressured, G7 and EU are preparing a number of decisions - Bloomberg

The G7 countries and the EU intend to increase pressure on the Russian economy. For this purpose, a new package of sanctions is being developed, the key goal of which is to close loopholes in previously imposed restrictions. In other words, Ukraine's partners intend to make it impossible to circumvent the existing sanctions.

This was reported by Bloomberg. It is noted: it is expected that the new sanctions will be announced during the meeting of the leaders of the G7 countries in Japan in late May.

"Among the proposals under discussion is a ban on the transit of many goods through the territory of Russia. As well as restrictions against ships disabling navigation systems. ... Personal sanctions against about 30 people are also being discussed," the report says.

It stressed: also expected that the leaders of the "Big Seven" will make progress on the mechanism of tracking Russian diamonds across the border. Which could eventually lead to restrictions on this trade.

"In addition, restrictions on technology and equipment used by Russian military and industrial enterprises could be expanded," analysts report.

At the same time, it is stressed, the U.S. and Japan are preparing their own sanctions packages in parallel. And Canada is working on restrictions related to:

  • Russia's human rights abuses, "including the likely abduction of Ukrainian children."
  • Russia's defense industry.

Britain wants to "financially strangle Putin's war machine".

Earlier, the British parliament proposed the creation of the so-called "economic Ramstein" against Russia. According to MP Alicia Kearns, the need for such a format arose due to the fact that the West failed to "adequately financially strangle Putin's war machine."

"The very detailed information further confirms the need for an 'economic Ramstein' for those fighting for Ukraine's freedom. Obviously, we have not been able to adequately financially strangle Putin's war machine and therefore must deny him the ability to finance attacks on civilians. We can only do this if governments begin to coordinate economic and military actions," Kearns wrote on her Twitter account.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, a large dating service Tinder is leaving Russia. One of the reasons is the arrest warrant for President Vladimir Putin, issued by the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

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