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Short biography

TVORCHI is a Ukrainian musical group from Ternopil consisting of Andriy Gutsulyak and Jeffrey Kenny. Participants in the "Eurovision-2023" from Ukraine.

Biography of the band

The musical group was founded in 2018. The acquaintance of future colleagues was interesting - Andrei approached Jeffrey on the street to offer a barter to learn languages. He wanted to improve his English and help his new friend with learning Ukrainian. The new acquaintances turned out to have a lot in common. They both studied at the faculty of pharmaceutics and couldn't live a day without music.

Joint work of the future winners of the National Selection began in 2017, when the first two songs were released. A year later, the guys recorded their debut album, "The Parts," which included 13 songs. After that, Andrew and Jeffrey began positioning themselves as musicians.

Gutsulyak spent his childhood in the village of Olkhovets, where he graduated from high school and went to college. And Jeffrey (real name - Jimo Augustus Kehinde) lived 13 years in Nigeria and moved to Ukraine.

Eurovision 2023

On December 17, 2022, TVORCHI won the National Selection for Eurovision 2023 with the song "Heart of Steel". The guys received high praise from the audience, and second place from the judges.

Ukraine will be a formal host country at the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool, UK and TVORCHI will perform in the final.

Studio Albums

  • The Parts (2018).

  • Disco Lights (2019)

  • 13 Waves (2020)

  • Road (2021)

Personal Life.

Both artists are married. Andrew and his wife met in Ternopil, Jeffrey's chosen one is also Ukrainian.

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