Russia may attack NATO "in five to eight years": Pistorius warns US

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Russia may attack NATO

The aggressor country Russia may attack NATO. And it could happen"in five to eight years".

Bloomberg writes about this with reference to German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius. In addition, the official believes that Russia's invasion of Ukraine could disrupt the EU's trade relations with the American economy.

In his opinion, American lawmakers should vote in Congress for a bill on additional military aid to Ukraine.Delaying the adoption of the document could harm primarily the economic interests of the United States.

"Russian aggression, if left unchecked, could weaken Europe as a whole and disrupt the bloc's trade relations with the world's largest economy, as well as harm American defense companies," the German Defense Minister told reporters.

According to the official, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and other Western leaders have mainly focused on political and strategic arguments in justifying their calls for additional military assistance to Ukraine. However, Pistorius emphasizes the possible losses for US defense contractors.

"We have already signed contracts worth billions of dollars and are preparing new agreements. This is one of the areas of transatlantic cooperation. And, of course, such cooperation for the sake of security is beneficial for both sides," the minister emphasized.

In particular, he warned of the consequences of the Russian dictator's victory in Ukraine not only for Europe but also for the United States. According to Pistorius, Russia's unprovoked aggression is a threat to the "international order" based on rules.

"Geographically, Europe is far from Iowa or California, but it is still very close in terms of security policy. Less security in Europe means less security for the United States," the German defense minister emphasized.

Pistorius noted that he sees evidence that Germany's European neighbors are providing Ukraine with more weapons, as they have pledged to do.

"The UK is doing more and more. France is also increasing its share," said the German Defense Minister, adding that he is confident that the partner countries will be able to achieve a significant amount of support in the coming months and years.

But, as the official noted, it is not easy. Because their financial resources are not unlimited

In conclusion, Pistorius called on Europe and the North Atlantic Alliance to prepare for the "worst case scenario."

"I don't like to guess by looking into a crystal ball. I cannot predict whether Russia will attack the territory of NATO member states. But it could happen in five to eight years," the German defense minister said.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, John Kirby, the White House National Security Council's strategic communications coordinator, said that if the US Congress fails to pass a bill that provides for aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, it will send a signal that Washington cannot be counted on. In this case, the United States will lose its leadership.

U.S. President Joe Biden has called on the House of Representatives to send a bill on foreign aid to his desk for signature as soon as possible. The cost of US inaction is "growing every day," said White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre.

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