Lithuania starts collecting money to buy 500 drones for Ukraine: plan to raise 300,000 euros

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UAVs are planned to be presented to our country's Independence Day

A campaign to support Ukraine called "Drone Songs" has been launched in Lithuania. This is a collection for the purchase of 500 drones for the AFU. The goal of the organizers is to collect 300 thousand euros to purchase UAVs for the Independence Day of our country, August 24.

Delfi reports about it. The support campaign is aimed at the purchase of TORO FPV type kamikaze drones.

According to Raimundas Aleknavicius, founder of the organization "Maži, bet stiprūs" ("Small but strong"), which organizes the support campaign, the use of drones one of the most influential factors of war and methods to counter Russian aggression.

"The war in Ukraine will go down in world military history as a war of ever-evolving drone technology. Along with combat Bayraktar, commercial DJI and various fixed wing drones, FPV kamikaze drones are now becoming increasingly important in the Ukraine-Russia war," he said.

The gathering started on Wednesday, July 19. By the way, TORO FPV-type UAVs are considered one of the best kamikaze drones in their class.

The technical specifications of the TORO drone:

- payload - 1.1 kg and 1.6 kg with a warhead;

- flight range - 15 km and 10 km;

- target detection radius - 200 m;

- deployment speed - up to 5 min.

Lithuania starts collecting money to buy 500 drones for Ukraine: plan to raise 300,000 euros

"Ukraine is born every day that it does not die. Therefore, a swarm of 500 drones sent by Lithuania on the occasion of the country's Independence Day will be the best gift we can give now," Aleknavicius added.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, earlier the creation of a coalition of demining to help Ukraine  was announced in Lithuania. Other countries were invited to join and provide assistance to the state affected by Russian aggression.

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