Dutch prosecutor's office seizes land of Putin's former son-in-law

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Land of Putin's former son-in-law Jorrit Faassen seized in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, prosecutors have seized the land plot of the ex-husband of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's daughter, Maria Vorontsova, who attacked Ukraine. The man in question is businessman Jorrit Faassen.

This was reported by investigators from The Guardian, Follow the Money and Project. Putin's former son-in-law owns a plot of 1432 square metres in the Duivendrecht district.

An entry in the state's land registry says that on May 12, the land was confiscated by the National Prosecutor's Office for financial, economic and environmental offences. The agency is responsible for ensuring compliance with sanctions.

Lawyer and sanctions expert Heleen Over de Linden says the confiscation may indicate that Faassen is being investigated. At the same time, the exact reason for the confiscation is not publicly available. Officially, the Dutch prosecutor's office did not comment on the reason for the confiscation and did not specify whether Faassen was under investigation.

According to the investigation, the plot is currently empty, but in 2021, the dictator's former son-in-law applied to build a house and six office buildings there.

In March 2022, the municipality of Amsterdam suspended the permit procedure on the grounds of the businessman's connection to Putin. In addition, Faassen is a permanent resident of Moscow.

According to journalists' sources, the businessman was recently interrogated at Schiphol Airport on suspicion of "sanctions evasion" and his computer and mobile phone were confiscated. After that, he allegedly returned to the capital of the aggressor country.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the only business of Putin's eldest daughter Maria Vorontsova was hidden in Russia. References to Vorontsova as the owner of the New Medical Company (Nomeko) medical clinic were erased from state registers.

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