DPRK launches more than 150 balloons with garbage into South Korea: what's happening

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Balloons with garbage
Balloons with garbage

South Korea has discovered more than 150 balloons with garbage on its territory. They were launched across the border by North Korea, calling it a "retaliatory action" against anti-Pyongyang leaflets distributed by southern activists.

According to Yonhap, citing South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff, the balloons began crossing the border on the evening of May 28. They fell in different parts of the country, reaching the southeastern province of South Gyeongsang.

It is alleged that the balloons were tied to bags of various garbage, including plastic bottles, batteries, shoe parts, and even manure. The military had to collect the contents for detailed analysis. Local residents were advised not to touch the objects and to report them to law enforcement or the military if they found them. People were also warned that the balloons could cause damage when they fell.

Seoul condemned Pyongyang and "sternly warned it to immediately stop its inhumane and vulgar actions."

"These actions by North Korea clearly violate international law and seriously threaten the safety of our people," the military command said.

For years, North Korean defectors in South Korea and conservative activists have been delivering leaflets to the North by balloon to counter DPRK propaganda.

On May 26, Pyongyang warned that it was scattering waste paper and garbage across South Korea.

"We will take mirror measures in response to the frequent scattering of propaganda materials and garbage in the border area. Many unusable papers and garbage will soon be thrown into the border area [of South Korea]," announced Kim Gang-il, the DPRK's deputy defense minister.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has decided to develop ties with Russia in order to revive his country's economy. Factories began to operate at higher capacity, and the Defense Minister admitted that the economic situation in the DPRK has "significantly improved" thanks to Russian supplies of food, raw materials and oil products, the Financial Times noted.

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