Czech President says Ukraine has high chances of success in counter-offensive

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Various scenarios are possible

Czech President Petr Pavel said that Ukraine's planned counter-offensive has a good chance of success. He also expressed confidence that Ukraine would eventually receive Western fighter jets.

According to him, ammunition was the main priority on the eve of the counter-offensive. This was reported by Reuters.

"Of course, there are high hopes that the Ukrainian counter-offensive will be successful, because Ukraine is motivated, well prepared, its troops are experienced and certainly do not have the same shortcomings as the Russian army," Pavel said.

He clarified that the Russian army had serious problems with logistics and morale, but that no collapse of defences should be expected.

"Russia has managed to prepare a relatively high-quality and deep defence on several frontiers, which, if used effectively, will cost Ukraine... heavy losses," he said.

According to him, it is impossible to say how much territory Ukraine can regain, as different scenarios are possible.

"Not everything always goes according to desires and plans, but I think the chances of a significant Ukrainian success are really high," the Czech president said.

He refused to speculate on when a counter-offensive might begin, but said that recent Ukrainian attacks on Russian infrastructure and troop concentrations were a sign of preparation.

In addition, Petro Pavel said that Ukraine needs support to join NATO and the European Union, but that joining either would be a long process, although EU accession talks could begin this year.

"Supporting Ukraine's accession to the EU and NATO should be our long-term goal," Pavel said when asked what NATO should say to Ukraine at the July summit in Vilnius.

"I am not saying that it should be in a specific period of time, because preparations for accession to both these institutions are very complex, require a lot of work and compliance with a whole list of criteria, but we should help Ukraine in this," he added.

The Czech President noted that EU accession talks could actually start at the end of this year, which would give Ukraine a springboard for closer cooperation, help post-war recovery and accelerate alignment with EU standards.

Recall that Czech President Petr Pavel, a retired general and former top NATO military adviser, advised Ukraine not to launch a counter-offensive in haste. There will be no element of surprise this time, so the Defence Forces need to prepare for the operation properly.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the Czech president signed on to the equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during his visit to Kyiv. He expressed confidence in our country's victory in the war.

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