China significantly increases supply of precision machine tools for Russia's military industry - FT

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Chinese exports to Russia
China's exports to Russia

China has begun supplying Russia with 10 times more computer numerical control machines used in the military industry than before the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. In February 2022, Chinese manufacturers sold $6.5 million worth of CNC tools to Russia, and in July 2023, they sold $68 million worth.

The Financial Times has the relevant data from customs reports. The publication emphasized that this equipment is "vital" for the Russian military-industrial complex.

CNC machines allow for extremely precise milling of metal. American analyst Allen Maggard explained that they can be used to quickly produce complex components from metal and other hard materials "with a constant degree of accuracy," which is especially valuable for defense production. The West tried to limit the aggressor state's access to this equipment through its sanctions.

According to the FT, before the great war, CNC devices of Chinese origin accounted for 12% of Russian imports by value. In July (the latest figures obtained by journalists), it was already 57%.

Moscow probably also continued to import significant amounts of CNC machines made in Taiwan and South Korea.


The experts noted: It is likely difficult for Russia to smuggle this equipment from the West because it is large.

Michael Raska, an associate professor at the Singapore School of International Studies named after S. Rajaratnam, said that the export of CNC equipment is an example of how China and Russia are deepening their military-industrial partnership.

"China and Russia share the same political interests, which are to challenge and confront the United States. The fact is that Russia is cut off from imports of European equipment, it has no choice but to rely on China," Raska said.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported:

- In December 2023, Prime Minister of the aggressor state of Russia Mikhail Mishustin visited China. There he met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

- It was announced that the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation plan to expand trade and other ties between the countries. Beijing called the maintenance and development of Sino-Russian relations "a strategic choice made by both sides and based on the fundamental interests of the two peoples."

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