Why the Ukrainian Armed Forces started shooting down Russian aircraft more often: Defense Express explanation

Defense Express commented on the destruction of two Russian Su-34 aircraft

Recently, the defenders of Ukrainian skies have been shooting down more and more Russian Su-34 fighters and other enemy aircraft. Most likely, this became possible not because of the arrival of certain types of anti-aircraft missiles, but because of the skill of our air defense units.

This was stated by Ivan Kyrychevsky, a military expert of the Defence Express portal, on the air of Espresso. He emphasized that the question now is not what exactly shot down the Russian planes, but that it was done despite the measures taken by the enemy to counteract Ukrainian air defense.

"Our air defense system has learned to operate under constant enemy pressure in the frontline area and has learned to shoot down Russian aircraft. It is unlikely that this intensity of shooting down is due to the arrival of certain types of anti-aircraft missiles. Rather, it is the operational skill of our Air Defense Forces," Kyrychevsky noted.

The fact that our air defense forces have learned to shoot down the occupiers' warplanes is evidenced by a number of aircraft lost by the enemy over the past month alone. And on Tuesday, February 27, on the day of intense fighting, the soldiers managed to land two Russian Su-34 aircraft.

The expert also made an assumption about what types of weapons the defenders of the sky could have used for this purpose.

"It could be Patriot in various combinations. Even within the FrankenSAM project, they talked about various Western details. Also, some of our structures have stated that we have a "Death Star" called the S-200 complex, which has a declared passport range of up to 250 km. We also have the Italian-French SAMP/T systems, which also have a fairly high range of aerodynamic targets," he said.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

- On February 27, Ukrainian soldiers destroyed the second enemy Su-34 bomber-fighter in a day. It was landed, like the first plane, on the eastern front.

- The Russian occupation forces have already lost 38 Su-34 aircraft in the war against Ukraine. Over the past month alone (January 29-February 27), the Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down eight fighter-bombers. OBOZ.UA found out what is known about the Su-34 and how many of them Russia has left.

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