"We are increasing the number of F-16 aircraft": Zelenskyy announces new decisions in Washington. Video

Zelenskyy announces positive decisions on F-16s

The Ukrainian delegation headed by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been working in Washington, DC, where the NATO summit is taking place, for two days. And this work is already yielding results: the day before, our partners announced the transfer of five more Patriot air defense systems and dozens of other air defense systems to our country.

On July 10, we managed to reach positive decisions on the F-16, so soon Ukrainians will receive good news about increasing the number of aircraft available to Ukraine. This was announced by the President himself in his evening address, this time from Washington.

"Today we are continuing our work in Washington, in particular, a decision on F-16 will be made very soon. We are increasing the number of aircraft available to Ukraine," Zelenskyy emphasized.

He added that the agreements reached were a good continuation of the decisions made the day before.

"Yesterday, we received a decision on 5 more Patriots and dozens of other air defense systems for Ukraine, today we received a decision on aircraft," the president said.

According to Zelenskyy, two new bilateral security agreements are also literally "on the way".

"The agreements include support for sanctions against Russia, support for our accession to the EU and NATO, support for our defense – our soldiers, all our people, and reconstruction. We take all this into account in security agreements exactly as it should be. And our meetings. We will have at least ten talks with the leaders of the countries. I am grateful to our entire team for their activity," the President said.

By the end of the day on July 10, the Head of State is scheduled to have a series of meetings in the U.S. Congress – with representatives of both chambers and both parties.

"We appreciate the American support and today we will talk about how to add even more good results to our cooperation with America – preferably long-range and far-reaching. I thank everyone who helps! Every day we are stronger and closer to a just peace," he summarized.

Earlier, Zelenskyy called on the United States to lift restrictions on strikes on military targets deep in Russia. He emphasized that hitting targets such as military airfields and bases would not only help protect Ukraine from air attacks but also affect the situation on the battlefield.

It was also reported that on Thursday, July 11, Zelenskyy would meet with US President Joe Biden.

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