Ukrainian pilots will start the first phase of exercises on F-16 fighters in Britain: the media revealed details

20 Ukrainian pilots will undergo initial fighter jet training in Britain

The first stage of mastering F-16s by Ukrainian pilots will take place in Britain, while other countries are in line. Thus, about 20 Ukrainian pilots will undergo initial training.

This was reported by a representative of the British government, reports the publication Foreign Policy. Thus, the prospect of training dozens of Ukrainian pilots to fly F-16s after three decades of flying is a challenge for Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and the United States.

"This will be basic ground training for Ukrainian pilots, who will then be ready for more specific training," the British spokesman said.

An experienced U.S. fighter pilot with air-to-ground combat characteristics could reportedly take a short F-16 school for 12 to 16 test flights and be out in three months.

Ukraine plans to send pilots who are already proficient in English to expedite the training, which includes work adapted from NATO's Introduction to Fighter Basics course, as well as include simulators and real-world aircraft training. As previously estimated by the U.S. Air Force, Ukrainian pilots could complete the training in four months. However, some experts expect Ukraine's training to be longer than planned.

Recall that Lavrov tried to threaten Ukraine over the possible provision of F-16s. Thus, Russia said that the planes will become a "legitimate target" for the Russian army, as well as all other weapons coming into Ukraine from Western countries.

Earlier it was reported whether American planes are really better than the Soviet ones and how they will protect the Ukrainian sky. For example, the Soviet MiG-29 is somewhat larger and faster than the American F-16, but the American has better avionics, more powerful weapons and more than twice the combat radius.

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