Ukrainian partisans have found where an enemy Su-34 aircraft was shot down in the Mariupol sector

A Russian fighter jet landed "unsuccessfully" on March 1

Ukrainian guerrillas have discovered the crash site of a Russian Su-34 fighter jet shot down by the Ukrainian Defense Forces on March 1 in the east. The enemy aircraft landed "unsuccessfully" near Mariupol.

This was reported on the Telegram channel of the Mariupol.Sprotyv community on March 2. Footage from the crash site of the Su-34 was also posted.

"Boom. Our guys are back from the search. What can we say? We found that damned Sushka yesterday. Rusnia, Got it?" the post reads.

Ukrainian partisans have found where an enemy Su-34 aircraft was shot down in the Mariupol sector

The Air Force confirmed that the video shows a downed Su-34.

"Here it is – a downed Su-34 in the morning of March 1, 2024, in the Mariupol sector! It is not always possible to please you with such videos, because the Air Force conducts combat operations over long distances! Checked, visually confirmed! Thank you all for your work! Trust the Air Force, not the sofa experts! Together to victory!" said Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk, Commander of the Air Force of Ukraine.

Ukrainian partisans have found where an enemy Su-34 aircraft was shot down in the Mariupol sector

As a reminder, the day before in the morning, monitoring channels reported the downing of another Russian Su-34 in the east.

On Saturday, March 2, the Air Force confirmed this information.

Ukrainian partisans have found where an enemy Su-34 aircraft was shot down in the Mariupol sector

"As a result, 11 Su-34s shot down since the beginning of the year... This is more than the Russian VKS received in 2022 (10) or 2023 (6). To date, the Russian Aerospace Forces have about 80 combat-ready Su-34s. At the same time, almost all of them are used to launch air defense strikes," commented Oleksandr Kovalenko, military and political observer of the Information Resistance group.

He added that as of March 1, 60 Su-34s were used in the day.

"That is, the bulk of the Su-34 henhouse is concentrated in our direction. But with the success of the annihilation of Russian tactical aviation, will they run out of Su-34s in two months? In theory, yes. They will not be able to compensate for the losses faster than this rate of annihilation," Kovalenko predicted.

According to him, at some point, the occupiers will have to compensate for the lack of Su-34s with Su-24 or Su-30 aircraft, which means another increase in losses due to the decline in the quality of the carrier's performance.

"The battle for airspace continues..." Kovalenko summarized.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, since the beginning of the year, the Ukrainian military has destroyed more than a dozen modern Russian Armed Forces fighters. However, the aggressor country still has a fairly strong military aviation potential. In addition, the enemy manages to restore a certain number of fighters.

On February 29, Air Force Commander Mykola Oleshchuk announced the destruction of two more Su-34s at the Avdiivka and Mariupol directions. He noted that Russian pilots do not draw any conclusions and are targeting the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

Two more occupants' Su-34s were shot down on February 27. The Russian Federation has adopted the tactic of meat assaults not only on the ground but also in the sky, the Ukrainian Air Force commander said at the time.

The defenders also shot down a Su-34 on February 21. It was the seventh downed in a week.

Two more Russian planes, Su-34 and Su-35S, were downed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on February 19, also in the east.

And on February 17, the Defense Forces destroyed three Russian aircraft at once – two Su-34s and one Su-35.

However, enemy aircraft received a more serious blow on February 23, when Russia celebrated Russian Army Day: an A-50U, a long-range airborne radar that helps monitor the radar situation deep inside Ukraine, was shot down in the Azov Sea, and there are only a few of these in service with the Russian Armed Forces.

On February 28, Yurii Ihnat, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force Command, said that enemy pilots no longer risk approaching Ukraine's borders.

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