Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed two occupants' observation posts in the south and destroyed enemy equipment: figures announced

Operational Command "South" reports on enemy losses over the past day

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to destroy and weaken the occupation army on the territory of our country. The situation in the south of Ukraine remains difficult, but our defenders continue to perform their combat missions with high quality.

As of the morning of April 22, the Southern Operational Command reported enemy losses. According to the Southern Defence Forces, over the past 24 hours, the Kafirs used aircraft to shell civilian settlements on the right bank of the river.

In particular, three strikes were recorded on Kherson and Beryslav districts, which damaged recreational areas and port infrastructure.

In addition, an increased activity of hostile attacks with the use of reconnaissance drones was registered yesterday, which carried out attacks with explosive grenades. Occupants from the left bank carried out 7 such attacks on civilians in Antonivka and Beryslav, but fortunately, no casualties were reported.

Over the last day, the enemy carried out about 60 artillery attacks, which resulted in the death of one civilian, the injury of another, and damage to residential buildings and private cars. However, the night was relatively quiet on the right bank. Residents of Antonivka and Beryslav still had to go down to shelter, and only a few private houses were damaged, with no civilian casualties. The same cannot be said about the occupiers' units on the left bank.

Thanks to the successful activities of Ukrainian rocket and artillery units over the past day, they managed to inflict significant losses on the enemy. The number of confirmed losses includes:

  • 31 soldiers of the Russian army;
  • 4 reconnaissance drones;
  • one mortar launcher;
  • an artillery unit;
  • "Osa" air defence system;
  • two launchers, a radar station and a rocket launcher for the S-300;
  • anti-aircraft missile and gun system "Pantsir";
  • more than 10 units of unidentified equipment.

In addition, according to the "South" Operational Command, two enemy observation posts and another field support point were eliminated.


Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian aviation had carried out a qualitative attack on the positions of the Russian occupation forces in the Kherson region. Two strikes were carried out on areas where enemy manpower and equipment were concentrated in the Kakhovka district.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the Kafir army has lost more than 10,000 pieces of equipment during the full-scale war. In particular, Russia lost 2/3 of the tanks and almost half of the armoured personnel carriers with which it started the invasion of Ukraine.

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