Ukraine will be able to shoot down only one in five missiles due to ammunition shortage - The Telegraph

Ukraine will be able to shoot down only one of five Russian missiles

In the absence of US military aid, Ukraine may run out of missiles for its air defense systems by the end of this month. In this case, the Ukrainian military will be able to shoot down only one out of five Russian missiles.

At the same time, the terrorist country Russia is stepping up missile and drone strikes against Ukraine. This was reported by The Telegraph.

According to Ukrainian sources, the stockpile of missiles for anti-aircraft missile systems that protect cities such as Odesa is rapidly dwindling. At the same time, political debate over US military assistance is only intensifying amid escalating Russian attacks.

Analysts have noted that instead of trying to shoot down four out of five Russian missiles, as is currently the case, Ukraine will soon have to limit its air defense systems to shoot down only one out of five targets. Western media also warned that this would have a "significant impact on Ukrainian cities."

While Russian terrorists are killing civilians in Ukraine, politicians in the United States are engaged in a fierce debate over whether to maintain military aid to Ukraine. Moreover, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that Donald Trump, if elected president, would no longer give Ukraine money.

The warning comes as Russia is stepping up its missile attacks on Ukraine. The recent attack on Odesa killed 20 people, the largest number of deaths in the city in the war in a single day.

In addition, Russian officials said they knew that Ukraine was running out of ammunition. Therefore, Russia decided that it was time to launch more missiles and drones.

As a reminder, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk strongly urged Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson to speed up the process of voting on the US aid package for Ukraine. He noted that Johnson should take a close look at the consequences of the Russian terrorist attack in Odesa.

Earlier, it was reported that Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba held telephone talks with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. The parties support the need for a prompt vote by the U.S. House of Representatives for additional military funding for Kyiv.

As previously reported, on March 12, Washington announced emergency military aid to Kyiv totaling $300 million. However, the US will not be able to provide Ukraine with another package without additional funding.

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