"Ukraine can win the war": Pentagon head points out the risks to the world if it does not happen

Ukraine must win, otherwise Russia will attack the Baltic states. Source: Screenshot

Ukraine can still remain a "sovereign, independent and democratic country". This will happen if our country is able to "defend its sovereign territory and deter Russian aggression." However, the war in Ukraine "has a price," U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, said.

The head of the Pentagon explained how much the Ukrainian victory could cost American taxpayers during a hearing in the US Senate. They were discussing the budget request of the US Department of Defense for fiscal year 2025.

The request of $850 billion may seem too much to some. However, everything has a price, and Ukraine's loss in the war will cost many times more, according to US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

"The price of US leadership is real. But it is much lower than the price of US abdication," he told lawmakers.

The military officer explained his opinion. "US abdication," i.e., stopping military aid to Ukraine, could lead to "Kyiv falling." This "definitely puts the Baltic states," which are NATO members, at risk of war. Thus, it would draw US troops "into a prolonged war in Europe," Austin told lawmakers.

As reported, Ukraine has already become a hostage to the internal political confrontation in the United States on the eve of the elections. The Republicans, at the behest of former US President Donald Trump, who expects to return to the White House, have been blocking the allocation of new aid to Ukraine for many months in a row. And without it, according to President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, our country may be defeated in the war with Russia.

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