"There are some problems": AFU explains why Russia paused using Shahed drones for the attacks

Tehran-Moscow cargo flights continue to fly

Russia has not attacked Ukraine with Shahed drones in recent days due to certain difficulties. Presumably, the occupiers are looking for new targets and ways to bypass air defense systems.

Natalia Humeniuk, a spokeswoman for the press center of the Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine, said this during a TV marathon. She noted that the aggressor's army has not launched these drones at Ukraine since the weekend.

"We can see that the enemy has not used Shahed-131/136 or other modifications in recent days or nights. In particular, since the weekend. According to the Air Force's reports, they were not used in other areas either. Obviously, there are some difficulties," Humeniuk said.

At the same time, the activity of cargo planes in the Tehran-Moscow direction is recorded.

"It is possible that they (the occupiers - Ed.) are looking for new launch sites and are coordinating their units. In order to carry out such tasks as massive drone attacks, it is also necessary to train personnel, distribute responsibilities, and conduct joint coordination," the spokeswoman explained.

According to Humeniuk, the Russian Federation knows that Ukraine is aware of the launch sites of the Shahed drones.

"They also learned some lessons after the attack on Belbek, for example, drawing conclusions," she added.

The overall situation, according to Humeniuk, remains quite tense as the enemy is looking for ways to counteract in conditions when the fight against it is quite effective. In particular, the occupiers are trying to increase their effectiveness in other areas: they do not stop shelling Chaikivska and Kutsurubska communities in the Mykolaiv region to divert the attention of the Defense Forces to other areas.

In addition, the day before, the enemy fired an X-59 missile at the Mykolaiv region, which is likely to be "reconnaissance by combat." The enemy is thus testing the Ukrainian air defense system, exploring new routes and preparing for further missile attacks.

"Yesterday, the enemy launched a missile where it was able to use tactical aviation from the Black Sea in the Mykolaiv region. An X-59 missile was fired, and it is likely that this is a kind of combat reconnaissance, an attempt to test the readiness of air defense systems. We can see that the general pause that the enemy is maintaining between massive missile attacks is already quite powerful and deliberate, and this may indicate the preparation of further attacks. However, even in these intervals, such targeted attacks are also a sign of enemy terrorism. They use missile attacks in different directions, detecting air defense systems and trying to lay future routes for such attacks," Humeniuk said.

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