The Ukrainian Armed Forces struck the occupant base near Berdyansk, a fire broke out: the glow was observed for more than an hour

Explosion in temporarily occupied territory
Explosion in temporarily occupied territory

On the night of June 22, there was an explosion in the temporarily occupied village of Azovske, Berdyansk District, Zaporizhzhia Region. According to local residents, there was a hit on the base of the Russian invaders.

"Bavovna" visited the recreation base "Rosa", in which the enemy has settled down. Petro Andriushchenko, advisor to the legitimate mayor of Mariupol, said this on Thursday morning in Telegram.

"Berdyansk at night met "bavovna"... Locals report hitting a place of concentration of occupants," the official wrote.

The recreation center where the Russian invaders were stationed

The explosion occurred around 1:40 a.m., the sound could be heard even 50 kilometers away. For example, it was heard by residents of the village of Urzuf, Mariupol district.

Base Rosa and Urzuf village on the map


Andriushchenko has information that the enemy base caught fire after the explosion. The fire was large-scale, as people watched the glow for more than an hour.

Azovske village on the map


- The so-called Crimean authorities complained about the strike on the bridge in the settlement of Chongar, which allegedly took place on the night of June 22. There is damage, the exit from the peninsula in this section was closed.

- At the same time, Kremlin propagandists claim that several bridges on the border of Crimea and the Kherson region were damaged at once during the night.

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