The occupant offensive near Pervomayske ended in real failure: video

The Ukrainian Armed Forces repulsed an attack by the occupants near the village of Pervomayske

The occupants once again attempted to conduct an offensive in Donetsk region, but their attempts ended in complete failure. For example, the network showed how the Ukrainian Armed Forces repulsed an enemy offensive near the village of Pervomayske.

The corresponding video was published in his Telegram channel by MP Yuri Misyagin. In the recording, we can see several armored vehicles trying to break through to the positions of the 59th AFU brigade, but encountering serious resistance and experiencing a pushback.

"The anti-tank mines and FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missiles did their job, destroying the MT-LB and BMP-2," Misyagin said.

The deputy stressed that this was not the first attempt by Russian forces to attack this section of the front, but in all previous attempts the occupiers were defeated.



Earlier, it was reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces hit a Kafir forward command post with a Storm Shadow cruise missile. Thus, satellite images showing the aftermath of the May 19 "slamming" in Mariupol appeared online.

Also OBOZREVATEL wrote why the enemy intensified air attacks and persistently terrorizes Kyiv. Thus, Yuriy Ignat said that Kyiv remains in the epicenter of the incident because the capital has always been a priority for the Russians, so it is protected by serious air defense facilities. Infrastructure and other important state facilities will always be a priority for the enemy.

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