The Main Directorate of Intelligence explained why Russia modernized the Kh-22 and Onyx missiles

Modification of enemy shells

The Ukrainian intelligence has confirmed facts that Russian forces are tightly engaged in modernization of missiles to hit targets in Ukraine. Since the Air Defense Forces of the AFU repeatedly showed the effectiveness and result, the invaders have to learn and change tactics.

This was stated by the Deputy Head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence Vadym Skibitsky on air of the telethon UA Razom. For example, the Kh-22 supersonic cruise missile has actually turned into the Kh-32 "air-to-surface", and the anti-ship Onyx has also undergone significant modernization.

"Last year, the enemy could use 80 to 100 to 110 cruise missiles of the same type in a single strike. For example, the X-101. Now they do not have such an opportunity. This set of missiles has its own specifics and features of tactical application," he emphasized.

Skibitsky added that in the fall of 2022, the invaders often shelled Mykolaivshchyna, Kherson and Odessa. Then there were a lot of undermining, not hits. He said that after modernizing their missiles, the occupiers were likely to use the Bal and Bastion complexes against civilian infrastructure again.

"Russian forces are improving guidance and navigation systems and other elements that allow them to use surface-to-surface missiles," the intelligence official concluded.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL reported that in the EU regular strikes by Russian troops on Odessa called another war crime of the Russian Federation. During the last attack on the night of July 23, Russia, in particular, destroyed one of the main Orthodox cathedrals of Odessa, which is a world heritage site.

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