The "fire show" was spectacular: video of a powerful explosion at the occupants' ammunition warehouse in Makiivka has appeared

Detonation of Russian ammunition continued after the explosion

Video of a powerful explosion in occupied Makiivka, Donetsk region, that occurred at an enemy ammunition warehouse on the evening of July 4, hit the web. The event was spectacular and looked like a real firework show.

The relevant footage was published on the Telegram channel donetchanyn. As noted in the report, the occupants set up their warehouse with the ammunition for MLRS in the courtyard of an unfinished residential area (to see the video, scroll to the end of the news).

"Yesterday, smoking and non-compliance with safety rules led to explosions. Coincidentally, an unknown drone flew by. Special thanks to local residents who illuminated the location of the warehouse and are awaiting the return of Ukraine," the channel writes.

In the published video you can see a powerful explosion and detonation of Russian ammunition, resembling fireworks. The footage also shows the aftermath of the strike.

According to Donbas.Realii, the strike of the ammunition depot in Makiivka occurred in the unfinished "Monolit" neighborhood, between the Butovska mine and city hospital No. 2. According to residents of the city, the occupiers intentionally place their depots next to residential buildings and medical facilities in order to accuse Ukraine of terrorist attacks.



As OBOZREVATEL reported, several explosions occurred in the evening of July 4 in temporarily occupied Makiivka. The column of fire was clearly visible even from neighboring occupied Donetsk. The Russian invaders claimed "air defense work," but it soon became known that a large ammunition warehouse of the occupiers was hit.

Only verified information we have in the Telegram channel Obozrevatel and in Viber. Don't be fooled by fakes!

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