"The enemy's plans were thwarted": DIU shared how they managed to prevent the enemy from capturing Kyiv in the first hours of the invasion

DIU spoke about the first hours of the invaders' offensive on Ukraine

When the first missiles started to fly on February 24, 2022, there was panic not only among civilians but also in military circles. However, thanks to clear orders and coordination of actions, the enemy's attack on Kyiv was repelled. Thus, when convoys with civilians were leaving Kyiv en masse in the direction of Hostomel, the DIU groups, which had arrived there the day before, took up their positions.

The first hours of the Russian offensive on Kyiv were described by an active officer of the DIU in an exclusive interview with OBOZREVATEL. He noted that the airport in Hostomel was supposed to be the springboard for the landing and march on Kyiv for the occupants, but the Ukrainian defenders thwarted the enemy's plans.

Thus, a group of 10 Ka-52 helicopters was deployed on both sides of the airfield at noon on February 24, they accompanied about two dozen Mi-17 helicopters. The National Guard and Special Forces armed with small arms, several anti-aircraft systems and an armored personnel carrier with a machine gun were preparing to take the fight.

According to the DIU officer, after the successful landing of the first group, the second group was to take off after them, which consisted of 12 IL-76s carrying professional military personnel, as well as medium and heavy equipment and artillery. However, the landing on the runway was prevented by the special forces of the DIU and the National Guard, who blocked the road with vehicles.

The Ukrainian General Staff reported that all IL-76s had successfully landed in Gomel (Belarus) on February 25 at 10 a.m., intending to begin a foot march into Ukrainian territory. At the same time, paratroopers from the first group failed to land in Hostomel. Some of them landed in the "greenery". They did not know the terrain so the Ukrainian military fought them right away.

Some of the attack helicopters were shot down while still on the approach, even though the Ukrainian military had minimal armament. The DIU officer also said that the famous Stinger, Enlave and Javalin systems were delivered to the site on the evening of February 24. Therefore, the defenders, preparing to repel the Russian attack, studied the work of ATGMs and MANPADS literally "on their knees".

The defenders took the fight to the ground, disrupting the enemy's plans and gaining precious time that allowed them to organize coordination between units and deliver additional weapons. A clear understanding and proper information processing helped the head of the DIU Kyrylo Budanov to coordinate the military and avoid danger in the first hours of Russian aggression, which saved Kyiv from capture.

''The enemy's plans were thwarted'': DIU shared how they managed to prevent the enemy from capturing Kyiv in the first hours of the invasion

One of the important episodes at the very beginning of the great war was the fighting for the Antonov International Airport, located near Hostomel and only 25 kilometers from Kyiv. The invaders tried to land their paratroopers there, who were to storm the Ukrainian capital, but our military foiled the enemy's plans. 24 hours of fighting for Hostomel airport were recreated by journalists who spoke to Ukrainian defenders, dispatchers, airport workers and residents.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the Russian occupation army is trying to stop the counter-offensive of Ukrainian troops in the Bakhmut direction. The enemy throws the latest pieces of equipment into the battle but does not achieve the desired result, suffering losses.

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