The Armed Forces of Ukraine have entered the top twenty most powerful armies in the world: what changes compared to the previous year

The Armed Forces of Ukraine
The Armed Forces of Ukraine

In the ranking of the world's strongest armies, the Armed Forces of Ukraine took 18th place. Compared to last year, our country has dropped three places.

The updated list was published in January 2024 by the international company Global Firepower. Researchers assessed the military power of 145 countries.

The top four positions remained unchanged. The United States of America leads the list, with Russia in second place, China in third, India in fourth, and South Korea in fifth.

In January 2022, Ukraine's army held the 22nd position, and in January 2023, amidst Russia's full-scale invasion, it climbed to 15th place in the ranking.

The top 20 strongest armies in the world as of early 2024.

To assess the "strength" of an army, researchers identified 60 separate categories, including the number of military units, financial status, logistical capabilities, and geography.

This year, Ukraine's "neighbors" in the ranking are Israel (17th place) and Germany (19th place). The Armed Forces of Ukraine have a power index of 0.2598 (the lower the better, 0.0000 is considered ideal).

"Ukrainian military power is reinforced by financial and material support from Western allies, including the United States. February 2024 marks two bloody years since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war," the authors noted in the review.

As previously reported by OBOZ.UA:

– Ukraine was included in the list of the most dangerous countries to visit in 2024 in the "security" category. Alongside our country, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, and Somalia received this designation.

– According to Schengen Visa Info, Ukraine scored 75.1 points out of 100 in the security rating (the higher the score, the worse the indicator). For comparison, Switzerland received 45 points, while Russia scored 93.8, practically topping another anti-rating.

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