Sullivan on Putin's peace: it rejects the UN Charter, morality and common sense

Jake Sullivan. Source: The White House

The ultimatum demands voiced by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin as a condition for starting negotiations with Ukraine contradict the UN Charter, morality and common sense. On the eve of the Peace Summit in Switzerland, the Kremlin leader demanded that Ukraine give up part of its sovereign territories and disarm, so that it would be easier for Russia to continue its aggression against the neighboring state.

This opinion was expressed by US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan at the Global Peace Summit. He contrasted Putin's demands with the search for ways to a just peace, which was conducted by about 100 delegations from all over the world on June 15-16 in Switzerland.

At the beginning of his speech, Sullivan noted that the participation of hundreds of states and institutions in the Peace Summit was a significant success for Ukrainian diplomacy. The fact that delegations came to Switzerland from all over the world, according to Sullivan, demonstrates the broad support in the world for the idea of a just peace.

"This summit defined the core of what peace should be. These are the principles of the UN Charter, the principles of international law, the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity and the impossibility of conquest by one nation over another. Period. And Ukraine can rely on this to later negotiate and secure a just peace that the people of Ukraine deserve. Above all, the working groups today focused on practical steps we can take together on food security, nuclear security, and, of course, the return of abducted children. Of course, these actions of Russia must be condemned, and the children must return home," the National Security Advisor emphasized.

He also mentioned Putin's demands to Ukraine and the West on June 14, which the Russian dictator put forward as a condition for the start of peace talks.

"We have recently heard Putin's vision of peace. And he said that Ukraine not only has to give up the territories that Russia is currently occupying, but also has to leave additional sovereign Ukrainian territories before Russia agrees to negotiate. Ukraine must disarm so that Russia can then aggress again. This is irresponsible. It rejects the UN Charter, basic morality and just plain common sense," Sullivan said.

At the other "pole", he is convinced, are the proposals that were discussed by the participants of the summit in Switzerland for two days.

"The vision of peace that has been presented here by many countries, which is based on the principles to which we all subscribe, based on the fact that we would all like to live in such a world, is the right vision to move forward. So in our view, this event is an important milestone on the road to a just peace. And the United States will proudly walk with Ukraine on this path until Ukraine wins. And peace will prevail," Sullivan summarized.

As a reminder, on June 16, Switzerland hosted the second day of the Peace Summit, which was attended by more than 100 delegations from different countries and international organizations. The two-day event resulted in a joint communiqué.

It was also reported that analysts at the American Institute for the Study of War believe that Putin managed to "crash" the Summit in Switzerland with a misleading statement about "peaceful" negotiations . Putin voiced a series of ultimatum demands, including the disarmament of Ukraine, the lifting of sanctions against Russia and the consent of the Ukrainian authorities, and the demand to officially return not only Crimea but also the regions partially occupied by Russia within their administrative borders to Russia on June 14.

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