SBU hits $100 million radar in Bryansk region, which controlled the sky 700 km inland: details

Russian radar complex "Nebo-U". Source: rosmedia

The SBU has hit a long-range radar in Bryansk region that controlled the sky 700 km deep into Ukraine. The radar in question was a modernized Nebo-U complex that helped detect Ukrainian weapons and supported Russian bombers launching KABs.

The $100 million facility was hit by seven kamikaze drones. This was reported to OBOZ.UA by sources in the Security Service.

According to the source, the destroyed radar surveillance complex costs about $100 million. It was hit by seven airplane-type kamikaze drones. And the damage was effective: our sources say that the damaged Nebo-U will no longer work because it "probably turned into a colander."

Thanks to the damage to this radar, the enemy has less ability to detect air targets along Ukraine's northern border.

"The radar blindness of the Russians will help our troops to conduct reconnaissance, launch drones, and use army aviation in this area more efficiently," the source said.

The "Nebo-U" system destroyed by the Special Forces, which the invaders deployed in the Bryansk region, helped the occupiers detect Ukrainian weapons and provided support to Russian bombers attacking Ukrainian cities and villages with anti-aircraft missiles.

This is the second Nebo-U system destroyed by the SBU's 13th Main Military Counterintelligence Directorate. The first one was destroyed in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation. Also recently, the Kasta-2E2 radar complex was destroyed near the temporarily occupied Ukrainian city of Berdiansk.

Earlier, a video was posted online showing Ukrainian defenders canceling a Russian T-90 tank in Donetsk region.

In total, on April 15, the Armed Forces of Ukraine neutralized 920 occupants and nine enemy tanks. In total, the invaders lost 103 pieces of military equipment and weapons the day before, including 6 artillery systems (11,609 in total), 13 armored combat vehicles (13,809) and air defense systems (759) of the occupation army.

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