Russians in Melitopol move into homes of deported Ukrainians - National Resistance Centre

The situation in Melitopol
The situation in Melitopol

The aggressor state of Russia is conducting ethnic cleansing in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. In Melitopol, Russian citizens are moving into the homes of residents who were forced to leave the city or were deported by the invaders.

This was reported on May 8 by the National Resistance Centre on its official website. It noted that the Russians continue to follow Soviet practices, commit terror against Ukrainians and conduct systematic deportations of residents under the guise of "evacuation".

The press service stressed that this is one of the signs of genocide that Russians are carrying out against the Ukrainian people.

For example, about 60% of the indigenous residents left Melitopol and moved to the territory controlled by Ukraine, while another part of the population was deported by the enemy.

In their place, the occupiers settle Russians. In most cases, they have family ties with units of the Russian Armed Forces and representatives of the occupation administrations.

"Almost all residential property abandoned by indigenous people is occupied. At the same time, the Russians use the displaced population to form a propaganda picture of a 'new peaceful life'," the NRC said.

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- The same situation is observed in Mariupol, where Russia is trying to change the ethnic composition of the occupied territory.

- More and more civilian occupants are moving to Mariupol, many of them are representatives of different nationalities from remote regions of the Russian Federation.

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