Russian occupants militarised Dzharylgach island and looted local population - General Staff

The occupiers are militarising Dzharylgach

Russian occupiers are actively militarising Dzharylhach Island in the Kherson region. A few days ago, they connected this protected island to the mainland of Ukraine with a sandy embankment.

Currently, the invaders have deployed about 300 occupants and 15 boats stolen from local residents on the island. This was reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in an evening operational update.

"The Russian occupation forces militarised Dzharylgach Island, which they connected to the temporarily occupied mainland of Kherson region near the village of Lazurne on May 19. In particular, the occupiers deployed about 300 Russian servicemen and 15 foreign-made boats on the island, which were stolen from the local population," the report said.


Dzharylgach is an island in the Karkinit Bay of the Black Sea. It is the largest island in Ukraine and the Black Sea. Administratively it belongs to Skadovsk district of the Kherson region. The entire territory of the island and part of the adjacent water area is part of the Dzharylgach National Nature Park.

Recently, it became known that the Russian occupiers committed another serious crime by connecting the protected island with the occupied part of the Kherson region. Near the village of Lazurne, they covered the ferry to the island with sand and created a training ground there.

The consequences of the occupiers' actions will be catastrophic for the Red Book animals on the island, as well as for the bay, which will turn into a swamp.

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