Putin openly talked about strikes on nuclear plants in Ukraine. Video

Putin began openly threatening to strike nuclear power plants in Ukraine

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has come up with yet another fake that allegedly "a Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group, trained by British instructors, was preparing an explosion on a power line in Russia." He also said that by doing so, Ukraine had allegedly provoked "retaliatory strikes".

Thus, Putin openly started threatening that Russia might hit Ukrainian nuclear power plants. He said this during an economic forum in Vladivostok, a corresponding video has appeared on Russian propagandists.

So, in his next fiction about "training to undermine power lines in Russia by Ukrainian sabotage groups", he said that the Ukrainians were allegedly trained by British special services on the orders of the United States.

"At the interrogation, they showed that they were training under the guidance of British instructors. Do they even realize what they are playing with or not? Are they provoking us into some kind of retaliatory action on Ukrainian nuclear facilities, power plants? I assume that the British special services are acting on the instructions of the Americans," dictator Putin said.


We shall remind you that Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the provision of modern F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine by Western countries "will not affect anything" and dreamed about the "failed counter-offensive" of the Ukrainian army, as well as about the losses, which, according to the dictator, Ukraine has suffered.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian occupation army is preparing a large-scale offensive. This is indicated by the concentration of enemy forces and means in the Kupyansk-Lyman direction, in the area of Bakhmut, as well as in the Tokmak direction. Even the date of the start of this operation - September 26 - has been announced.

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