Occupants created an emergency at ZNPP: IAEA experts help cover up evidence

Russia creates an emergency situation at ZNPP again

Russian occupants have created an emergency at Zaporizhzhia NPP. Due to the negligence and unprofessional actions of the Russians, the purification system for blowdown water of the steam generators of power unit No. 6 has failed. The occupiers allowed radioactive coolant to enter the environment in an attempt to solve the situation.

Even though Rosatom representatives at ZNPP continue to grossly violate the radiation and nuclear safety of the plant and do not comply with the technological regulations and emergency instructions, the IAEA inspectors at the facility do not react to this. Moreover, they are covering up for the occupiers, who are doing their best to bring a nuclear disaster closer. This was stated by energy market expert Viktor Kurtev, who is involved in the anti-crisis plan for Zaporizhzhia NPP.

Kurtiev was involved in the anti-crisis plan for Zaporizhzhia NPP in July 2022. He has repeatedly communicated with IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi, participated in numerous meetings on the situation at ZNPP and is involved in developing measures to respond to all types of threats arising from the Russian occupation of this nuclear power plant.

This "immersion" in the situation helped Kurtev establish contacts with Ukrainian specialists at the Russian-occupied nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhia. They told the expert about the recent emergency caused by the occupiers.

"According to the information I have, the purification system for blowdown water of the steam generators of power unit No. 6, the CF SVO-5 (special water treatment) unit, has recently completely failed. The probable cause is the negligence and unprofessional actions of the Russian "shift supervisor" of the chemical shop, who missed the moment of saturation of the 5/2 filters. This led to the ingress of radioactive borated water into the engine room of power unit No. 6," Kurtev said.

According to him, when the liquid got into the condensate-feeding path, the boric acid solution contained in it entered into chemical interaction with the metal of pipelines and equipment of the second circuit, which is made of St20 unalloyed steel grade.

"To solve the situation, the second circuit coolant is currently being cleaned by water exchange. That is, radioactive boron water is diluted with chemically purified water. The mixture is poured into the drainage circulation waterway and cooling pond. This violates all sanitary norms and rules established for the operation of nuclear power plants because the radioactive coolant is released into the environment," Kurtev outlined the situation.

At the same time, Russian "experts" who control the occupied Ukrainian NPP refuse to put Unit 6 into a cold shutdown state and Unit 4 into a hot shutdown state at the "request of Moscow". Therefore, the expert states that Russia does not seem to give up blackmailing Ukraine and the world with a nuclear disaster.

"Russia's reaction in the form of inaction gives grounds to talk about creating the basis for blackmailing Ukraine and the world with a future nuclear disaster. Therefore, this confirms the opinion that Rosatom decided to use power unit No. 6, where there is a leak from the first circuit to the second, to implement a chain scenario of violation of all safety barriers. This implies supercooling and damage to the reactor, as well as guillotine destruction of steam generator tubes, which will cause the maximum domino effect," Kurtev predicts.

At the same time, the expert is convinced that the Russians will try to achieve the maximum information effect to deter the actions of the Ukrainian army in the southern direction, appealing to the IAEA about the "threat of a nuclear disaster." Similar arguments will be used to explain the presence of Russian "experts" and their supervisors to eliminate a possible catastrophe.

"Despite the blatant safety violations, including the loss of integrity of the first and second circuits and the release of radioactive media into the environment, gross violations of radiation and nuclear safety at ZNPP continue. Technological regulations and emergency instructions are not being implemented. Neither the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (SNRIU), nor Energoatom, nor the IAEA are informed of the real state of affairs," Kurtev stated.

At the same time, he pointed to the complete inactivity of the IAEA inspectors who are at ZNPP.

"The lack of reaction to such actions of the IAEA inspectors, who seem to be "fascinated" by the Russians and do not see or understand the scale of the violations, is surprising. Instead, they are fishing in the cooler pond (into which radioactive water is drained) in the company of Yuriy Chernichuk, a collaborator who was appointed by the occupation authorities as the 'General Director of the Zaporizhzhia NPP'. That is, the IAEA inspectors are used as an information "smokescreen" to hide violations and create an "alibi" for the Russians," Kurtev said.

The expert called on the international community to take measures to prevent a catastrophe.

"I hope that this information will help to increase pressure on Russia by the international community to prevent the worst-case scenario. Otherwise, not only Russians will be sitting in the Hague," Kurtev said.

A month ago, the Main Intelligence Directorate assessed the likelihood of a terrorist attack on the ZNPP. At that time, the military intelligence stated that the reports about the Kremlin's alleged preparation of explosions at Zaporizhzhia and Kursk nuclear power plants, which were circulating online on August 16, were an attempt by Russia to sow panic among Ukrainians. According to the DIU, there is no real threat of Russian provocations at ZNPP. If the threat increases, the competent authorities will inform Ukrainians.

At the same time, disturbing reports about the possible consequences of incompetent Rosatom representatives' activities at the Ukrainian NPP are provided by the scientists at the temporarily occupied Enerhodar, where the plant is located.

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