Magura fighters are working: how the offensive in the Zaporizhzhia direction. Video

Ukrainian counterattack continues in Zaporizhzhia

The Ukrainian military under the cover of artillery continues to tirelessly storm the positions of the Russian occupants in the steppes of Zaporizhzhia region. The offensive is complicated by heavily mined areas, every meter is too hard because it costs someone's life.

The course of the counterattack of the Ukrainian forces in the south was described in a story by TSN. It is noted that the fighters of the 25th separate battalion of the 47th separate mechanized brigade "Magura" are working in this direction (to see the video, scroll to the end of the news).

"We go in there and run into minefields everywhere - in the fields, in the plantations. We spend time going through them. Unfortunately, it comes with a price. We lose people to shelling," a fighter with the call sign Yankee told reporters.

The fighters noted that the occupants had made good preparations for the Ukrainian offensive. In addition to the total mining of territories, the Russians have built a powerful echeloned defense, scattered in staggered order, and dug trenches.


"They come out then on the right, then on the left, then on the side. At first we didn't understand what was going on. We are moving, but not at the pace we would like," the fighter with the call sign Kordon added.

While the defenders are advancing, all the occupants' weapons - from aircraft to artillery - are "working" on them.


Recall: American edition of The Wall Street Journal published a story about the counterattack of Ukrainian troops against the Russian occupiers. In particular, the journalists tried to explain why the operation was progressing "slowly," first of all, pointing to the strong mine contamination of territories and powerful fortifications of the Russians.

The media spoke with Ukrainian soldiers, who explained that in order to take enemy positions, the area must first be covered with artillery fire, and then move forward with armored vehicles to engage the infantry. However, the shortage of tanks and other armored vehicles makes this strategy difficult to implement.

As OBOZREVATEL reported:

- the ISW noted that on July 8, the Ukrainian Defense Forces conducted counteroffensive operations in at least three sections of the front. They advanced on the southern flank of Bakhmut, continued strikes on the occupants' staging areas deep in the rear of Luhansk Region, and destroyed Russian equipment, weapons and ammunition depots in the south;

- Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov expressed hope that Ukrainians will soon be able to see new "gestures of goodwill" from the Russian army in the south and east.

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