"Liberated" cities will resemble Bakhmut and Avdiivka: Kuleba explained to Lithuanians what would happen if Putin invaded the Baltic states

Kuleba explained what would happen if Russia invaded the Baltic States

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has revealed what would happen if Russian dictator Vladimir Putin attacked the Baltic states, which are NATO members. According to him, the Russian aggressor country will be defeated in this case, but the consequences of the war will be terrible.

The cities of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia could suffer significant destruction in the event of an invasion by Russian troops. Kuleba said this in an interview with the Lithuanian news agency Elta.

"If Putin invades the Baltic states, you will bravely defend your peoples against an enemy that surpasses you in both experience and capabilities. NATO will take a few days to decide how to respond. And then NATO will respond," he predicted.

According to Kuleba, NATO forces will eventually defeat the Russian invaders.

"However, take look at Bakhmut, at Avdiivka... this is what the Baltic countries will look like after intense fighting. This is how your cities will look like. There will be no more beautiful Vilnius," the Minister warned.

The foreign minister emphasized that the cheapest and safest way to avoid this scenario is to support Ukrainians fighting against Russian aggression. According to him, Lithuania understands this and therefore actively supports Kyiv, while "others pretend they can avoid it," he added.

As reported, Latvian Prime Minister Evika Siliņa compared the current state of Russia to that of an unpredictable alcoholic or drug addict. She emphasized that neighboring countries should understand that Russia's behavior is difficult to predict.

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