Head of the Pentagon: Ukraine should get other air defense systems besides Patriot

23rd Ramstein meeting
23rd meeting in the Ramstein format. Source: X (Twitter) @SecDef

Ukraine's air defense was a priority in the partners' discussions at the 23rd Ramstein meeting on June 13. Allies were urged to provide not only Patriot systems but also other systems.

This was stated by U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin at a meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group. The public part of the event was broadcast online.

"Regarding Patriot. You know that air defense is a priority. We emphasize every time that we need to provide Ukraine with additional Patriot systems. But not only that. We spend a lot of time urging other countries to provide not only Patriot but also other air defense systems to Ukraine," the Pentagon chief said.

He stated that he had no new announcements regarding the Patriot air defense missile systems after the meeting. However, Austin said that work on providing Ukraine's defenders with additional capabilities continues.

Austin also commented on the information that Poland refused to move the Patriot to Ukraine.

"I've seen the press reports. What I want to say is. There will be no change in our Patriot coverage in Poland. I know it has been reported, but there are no changes regarding Poland. To give Ukraine what it needs, we are working with other countries," explained the head of the US Defense Department.

As a reminder, the head of the National Security Bureau of Poland, Jacek Siewiera, earlier informed that his country would not transfer its Patriot air and missile defense systems to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as Poland itself needs protection.

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