EU promises to produce a million shells a year for Ukraine, but not now: what's going on

EU promises to produce a million shells a year for Ukraine, but not now: what's going on

Since mid-February 2023, the European Union has increased its ammunition production by 20-30%. European Commissioner for Internal Trade Thierry Breton insists that by the spring of 2024, the EU will be able to produce 1 million shells a year to fulfill its promise to Ukraine.

"This goal will be achieved. Now it is up to the member states to finalize the contracts," Deutsche Welle quoted Breton as saying. The politician commented on the situation before a meeting of the EU Council of Ministers for Foreign Affairs (at the level of defense ministers) in Brussels, Belgium.

The European Commissioner called it positive news that European countries have increased their ammunition production capabilities.

"Of course, our goal is much higher numbers, and we will get them a little later, namely in the spring of 2024. According to our commitments to Ukraine, we have promised to reach at least a million shells and missiles [annually]," the French politician said. He promised that the commitment would be fulfilled,Ukrinform reports.

The European Commissioner explained that he had checked European factories himself. There is capacity, although the pace of work needs to be increased.

"And I tell you that the production of more than a million shells, given our capabilities, starting in the spring, will be met! Then it's up to the individual countries - it' s their responsibility to meet their deadlines and volumes. They must control this well and, most importantly, understand that what they produce should be sent primarily to Ukraine," Breton said.

Meanwhile, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius is not so optimistic. He believes that the European Union will not be able to cope with this ambitious goal. The German Defense Minister also admitted that from the very beginning he doubted that the goal of supplying Kyiv with ammunition set in March would be achieved.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported:

- Bloomberg said that the European Union is unlikely to fulfill its obligation to provide the Ukrainian Armed Forces with 1 million artillery rounds.

- Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba confirmed this information. According to him, the EU is unlikely to fulfill the plan. Ukraine is "loudly ringing the bells" and plans to catch up with Europe, the minister said.

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