Enemy's equipment decreased: data on the consequences of "cotton" near occupied Mariupol

Enemy suffered losses in Mariupol district. Source: Facebook of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

On the evening of March 29, powerful explosions occurred near the temporarily occupied Mariupol. Putin's terrorists traditionally reported on the "successful operation of air defense," but the Russians' lies were quickly dispelled.

According to preliminary data, the positions where the occupiers stored ammunition and equipment were hit. This was reported on Telegram by Petro Andriushchenko, an advisor to the mayor of Mariupol.

According to him, the explosions were heard in the triangle between the settlements of Makedonivka, Aslanove, Zoria, and Kalchyk. Despite the distance of more than 10 km, the explosions were clearly heard in the temporarily occupied Mariupol.

Andriushchenko noted that there are several tunnels at these positions that the Russian terrorist army uses to store ammunition and equipment, including air defense systems. He also assured that after the evening explosions, the enemy's equipment had become much smaller.

He also added that at least four units of tracked vehicles, as well as parts for the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system, were hit. Andriushchenko clarified that Russian losses could be even greater.

It is worth noting that on the morning of March 30, Russian troops blocked the road near Makedonivka, Zoria, and Kalchyk. Search operations are also ongoing in this sector. The occupiers are trying to find out who fired at their positions.

Enemy's equipment decreased: data on the consequences of ''cotton'' near occupied Mariupol

As a reminder, Ukrainian soldiers are effectively destroying enemy armored vehicles on the battlefield. The defenders managed to burn the occupiers at the first shot. A unique case of defeating a Russian armored personnel carrier was demonstrated by artillerymen of the 47th separate mechanized brigade.

Earlier it was reported that on March 29, Ukrainian soldiers thinned out the enemy army by another 730 occupants. Russia's total losses in manpower during the full-scale aggression against Ukraine reached 441,520 people by the morning of March 30.

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