Discussion continues: Reznikov talks about negotiations on ATACMS and Taurus for Ukraine

Negotiations on defense systems for Ukraine continue

The German parliament approves Ukraine's request for the transfer of long-range Taurus missiles for use in the Defense Forces' counteroffensive, but the government in Berlin will give the decisive verdict. The key argument is that the AFU has analogs of the German Storm Shadow and SCALP warheads provided by the British-French project.

About this in an interview with Channel 24 told the Minister of defense Oleksiy Reznikov. "Kiev has an agreement with its partners that Ukraine reports the use of these missiles and they support this use, because they continue to supply us with these special air-to-surface cruise missiles."

"The thing is, whatever we say about the occupiers, but they learn. In July 2022, we had the opportunity to apply MLRS, which includes both HIMARS and M270, at a distance of 80 kilometers, hitting logistics chains, ammunition, ammunition depots, fuel and most importantly - the enemy's command posts," - stressed the head of the defense Ministry.

He added that the General Staff has studied the availability of the arsenal of allied states and began to work from the President of Ukraine and, continuing with members of the government, to get ATACMS, Taurus, Storm Shadow, Scalp. Already in fact there are positive decisions from the British and French side, and now continue the American and German tracks.

"The situation that the Taurus transfer is supposedly dependent on ATACMS is reminiscent of how it was with the tank coalition. Or in this way we can get both American and German long-range missiles? I wouldn't want to comment on what colleagues in Berlin and Washington are talking about among themselves. But when there was a discussion about tanks, it was important for the German government to make a decision so that their tanks would not be the first on the battlefield in Ukraine against Russia.", - Reznikov summarized.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Reznikov said that in Denmark and the Netherlands have already begun training of Ukrainian pilots in controlling F-16 fighter jets, announced for the end of August. He did not disclose details, but pointed out that the training process for pilots includes learning English. The minimum training period for pilots is six months.

He also showed Ukrainians the armored vehicles Senator received from Canada. The official emphasized that such equipment will help to save thousands of lives of Ukrainian defenders.

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