Covered with fire from HIMARS: the SDF showed footage of targeting the enemy crew of the BpAK. Video

Covered with fire from HIMARS: the SDF showed footage of targeting the enemy crew of the BpAK. Video

Soldiers of the 3rd Separate Special Forces Regiment of the Special Operations Forces in Donetsk region destroyed a Russian ZALA drone with its crew and transport. The occupiers were going to launch their scrap against Ukrainians, but our M-142 HIMARS was ahead of them.

The video of the enemy's destruction was posted on the Armed Forces of Ukraine's Telegram . It is noted that the invaders were detected thanks to aerial reconnaissance.

Earlier, the "South" Joint Forces Operation showed how Ukrainian defenders destroyed an enemy electronic warfare station and the Murom-M observation complex. According to the military, the 40th Separate Artillery Brigade named after Grand Duke Vitovt succeeded in destroying the station. In addition to the station and the complex, the enemy's field fuel and lubricant depot was also destroyed.

Meanwhile, the snipers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are masterfully destroying Russians in Zaporizhzhia. In particular, the footage shows the work of the 8th separate Special Forces regiment. The military noted that they are increasing the number of "good" Russians and updating the figures in their daily reports.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

- Former US Commander in Europe Ben Hodges said that the counteroffensive launched by the Ukrainian Defense Forces in the summer to regain territory from the Russian occupiers was not a failure. He advised to ask this question to the commander of the Black Sea Fleet of the aggressor country.

- Ukrainian Defense Forces soldiers destroyed a 2C3 Acacia self-propelled howitzer of the Russian army at the front , which the occupiers protected with a "grill" - a grill welded on top. Russians use such protection for military equipment so that it cannot be destroyed by a drone or a shell dropped from above.

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