Contribution to the air defense system: The Netherlands will purchase four VERA-NG radars for Ukraine

The Netherlands will transfer the VERA-NG radar to Ukraine

The Netherlands contributes to the strengthening of Ukraine's air defense. Amsterdam is allocating funds for the purchase of VERA-NG radar complexes for Kyiv.

This was announced by the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands. It is a question of the purchase of four radars worth 150 million euros.

In addition, the defense ministry noted that on Thursday, June 15, during the contact group on Ukrainian defense (UDCG) it will be announced that the Netherlands will allocate 40 million euros for the purchase of air defense equipment as part of a multilateral partnership. This equipment will be delivered to Ukraine "in a very short period of time," the Ministry of Defense noted.

VERA-NG radar complex

Today, air defense and passive surveillance are essential elements of military and security operations.

ERA's VERA-NG solves this problem by providing an advanced and state-of-the-art passive surveillance system designed to detect, locate, identify and track air, land and sea targets.


The VERA-NG system consists of three 360-degree azimuth coverage signal receivers (stations).

In the center there is a command post with its own station, which receives and processes all information from the stations.

The system's calculations transmit data on detected targets with coordinates of range, azimuth and altitude to the air defense combat stations.


Technical characteristics of the system:

target detection range - 400 km with an accuracy of 20 m,

operating frequency range - from 88 MHz to 18 GHz,

number of simultaneous tracking targets - up to 200,

information update time - from 1 to 5 seconds.

The radar can operate in any weather conditions. The system emits zero electromagnetic energy, which makes it "invisible".

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the Netherlands may supply Ukraine with F-16 fighters after training pilots. However, the final decision on the deployment has not been made yet.

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