Ukraine secured a crucial last-minute victory at the U-21 European Football Championship

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Ukraine Romania
Ukraine played in a draw against Romania

The Ukraine national youth soccer team defeated their peers from Romania at the European Championship U-21, which takes place from June 21 to July 8 in Romania and Georgia. Match of the 2nd round of the group stage in Bucharest ended with a score of 1-0.

Ukraine started the match rather nervously. The Romanians, backed by their stands, pinned the Ukrainians down, forcing Trubin to get to work. On 10 minutes, the Bilo-Syni responded with a counterattack. After a perfect pass from Brazhko, Oleksiy Kashchuk ran one-on-one, but could not beat the goalie.


Gradually, the initiative passed to the "yellow and blue," who staged a long assault. The Ukrainian team looked much more interesting, playing cleverly in the "wall" near the opponent's penalty area. On 24 minutes, Sudakov put Kaschuk on a try for the second time, and again the Shakhtar forward failed to score.

This pace of the game lasted till the break. Romany's charges were massively attacked by the opposition, who pounced on them with quick attacks. There were physical battles on the pitch, which the referee allowed.

From the first minutes of the second half, the Ukrainians rushed to attack, completely dominating the field. Our compatriots threw a lot of effort into the attacks, but the ball did not go in the goal. Sikan's shot in the 55th minute hit the crossbar.

Ukraine was very active on the right flank, where Alex Sych, a midfielder from Lviv's Rukh, who plays on loan for Belgian Kortrijk, was "tearing up".

The rest of the time the players from Ukraine dominated the field, but won thanks to an auto-goal. In the last minute of the game after a shot by Maxim Bragaru, Victor Dikan cut the ball into his own goal.


The Ukrainians' success was overshadowed by a silly suspension of Vladislav Vanat.


After winning and defeating Croatia in Week 1, Ukraine scored 6 points and virtually guaranteed itself a playoff spot.


Group B rivals Spain and Croatia will play their match later. In the third round, the Ukrainian youth team will play against the Croats on Tuesday, June 27. The start time is at 21:45 on Kyiv time.

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