"Send them back!" The hockey legend supported Ukraine and swore at the occupiers

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Hašek spoke out about the war

The world hockey legend Dominik Hašek recorded a new video in support of Ukraine after he visited Kharkiv, Kyiv and the cities affected by Russian aggression near the capital. He noted that he was pleased to come to our country, which continues to fight for its lands and freedoms.



The corresponding video the Olympic champion of 1998 and two-time owner of the Stanley Cup posted on his page in the social network Twitter and signed it with the words "Greetings from the Czech Republic to Ukraine. And especially to those in the war zone." He added that he prays for the Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers, who these days begin a large-scale counterattack against the occupants.


"Hello Ukraine! It was a pleasure to spend a week with you. And thank you for this award - the award of a friend of Ukraine. I'm very pleased. I met a lot of young and adult hockey players. And with athletes who were injured in various ways as a result of the war. I want to say that I am thrilled with what you are doing. And you're doing it not only for your country, but for all of Europe. I have my fingers crossed for your righteous fight. Defend your beautiful country and your freedom. Chase the Russian imperial occupiers out of your country. Drive them back. Russian sh*t. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Ukrainian sports and hockey!" - Hašek said.


Earlier, the former Czech goalkeeper called Russian hockey player and founder of the Putin Team movement Alexander Ovechkin, who keeps quiet about the war in Ukraine, a coward. Russian Olympic hockey champion Alexander Kozhevnikov called Hašek a sick man in the head.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, former coach of the Ukrainian national team Andrei Nazarov demanded to return Russia to the World Cup of Hockey, as "Russia does not bend to anyone".

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