"We have to make a clear diagnosis": a doctor explains how to cope with allergies and what nuances you need to know

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The doctor explained how to cope with allergies. Source: Pexels

For effective allergy treatment, a person first needs to be diagnosed correctly. The doctor must find out what factor is causing the allergic reaction.

During the examination, the doctor needs to detect specific immunoglobulins to a particular allergen. Allergist-immunologist Oleh Nazar told about this in an interview with OBOZ.UA.

According to him, if a person has complaints about seasonality or a pattern of allergic reactions, for example, when staying in a room with animals, he or she feels sick, and in the absence of animals, the condition either gets better or does not change, it means that it may be an allergy to pets.

The patient may also complain of worsening at night or in the morning. In this case, we can talk about household allergies. Moreover, if there is a clear seasonality starting from late winter to early spring, it means that the person is more prone to allergies.

"A person should see an allergist. An allergy panel should be done, and the doctor finds out and prescribes which one. There is an allergy passport, and the doctor determines which panel to do, and it is immediately clear that we detect specific immunoglobulins to a particular allergen. It is also necessary to adjust these indicators with clinical manifestations, because the blood panel is more sensitive, and we can see the reaction to allergens that may not give clinical manifestations," the doctor explained.

In addition, the immunologist emphasized that each country has a pollen calendar. In Ukraine, this period falls in March-April. If a person has an acute allergic reaction, he or she is recommended to leave for some time to some other place. An appropriate course of treatment is also carried out.

The doctor explained that the course of treatment for allergies is long, and the effect of taking medications may not occur immediately. Patients often say that they use the drug, but the condition worsens. The doctor explained that the mucous membrane is already irritated due to allergies, and when the drug is applied, it initially causes a burning sensation, and only on the 2nd or 3rd day does it have an effect.

In spring, allergy sufferers are primarily affected by the flowering of seasonal plants. Trees such as birch, alder, hornbeam, oak, etc. are the first to wake up in late February, and from then on, people with allergies begin to feel discomfort.

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