6-point magnetic storm hits the Earth: how to survive a meteorological shock

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Earth will be covered by a magnetic storm for two days

A powerful magnetic storm has hit the Earth, which is dangerous for the health of weather-dependent people. Experts rated its strength at six points.

The activity of the Earth's magnetic field perturbation began on April 20 and will continue the next day - April 21. This was reported by the Meteoagent website.

As noted, this magnetic storm will be the last in the second month of spring. No more such phenomena are likely to occur in April.


As you know, experts have already proven that weak magnetic storms can slightly affect the operation of power systems and bird migration. They are not dangerous for people, but those who are weather-dependent may experience headaches and fatigue.

A severe storm can cause disruption to communication systems and have a negative impact on health. Pregnant women and people with chronic illnesses should be especially attentive to their health these days.

To reduce the effects of solar activity on the body, experts advise

- drink more water;

- limit the consumption of "heavy" food, alcohol and coffee;

- include more fruits and vegetables in your diet;

- spend more time outdoors;

- avoid stressful situations, disputes, conflicts and travel.

In general, the body should not be overworked on these days - it is better to postpone all important tasks to another day.

Experts also advise to take headache medicine with you.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the space weather information provided by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has been updated to include new data for April 2023. According to this information, this month is expected to be relatively calm.

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