Zelenskyy: We are preparing more defence packages for our soldiers and air defence systems for the entire Ukrainian society

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that the state continues to prepare the Ukrainian Doctrine, a comprehensive text that is the basis for the transformation of our country. The country's leadership is also working to increase defence packages for our soldiers and defence systems for the entire Ukrainian society, including air defence systems.

The Ukrainian leader spoke about this in his traditional daily address to Ukrainians on 10 August. According to Zelenskyy, the main goal of our country is "to win the war and not to lose the country" (to watch the video, scroll to the end of the news).

"Ukraine must definitely realise its historic chance for development, gained by the courage of our people - all our people," the president stressed.

On the meeting with the representative of the Ecumenical Patriarchate

The President informed about the meeting with Metropolitan Emmanuel, where they discussed, inter alia, the implementation of the formula of peace and the return of children deported from our land to Ukraine.

"Of course, as always, we talked about strengthening the spiritual independence of Ukraine and spiritual peace in Ukraine. Our country is one of the historical centres of Christianity. It will continue to be so," Zelenskyy is convinced.

According to him, Ukrainians have managed to build a special format of religious relations.

"In our country, there is a Council of Churches and Religious Organisations, which guarantees that all communities are respected, all communities can convey their opinion to the state, all communities can participate in solving socially important issues. The state will never allow any of the Ukrainian religious communities to be used by the aggressor state. Ukraine will survive, will preserve its independence - all aspects of independence, including spiritual independence. And I am grateful to everyone in the world who supports our state and our people in this," the President stressed.

Zelenskyy recognises soldiers

The President named a number of Ukrainian soldiers who are making progress at the front, including

- Soldier Oleksandr Hryn, 81st separate airmobile brigade - thanks to Oleksandr, more than two dozen occupants have been killed and wounded.

- Soldier Oleksandr Hrynko, "Eighty", Air Assault Troops - the President thanked the soldier for replenishing our exchange fund.

- Soldier Artem Eisenzimmer, 5th separate assault brigade.

- Soldier Iryna Shevchenko, chief sergeant-instructor of the 1st mechanised battalion.

- Soldier Andriy Maksychko, 54th separate mechanised brigade named after Hetman Mazepa, Bakhmut direction. He took out the wounded, was wounded himself, but returned to the front line after treatment.

- Soldier Ivan Harbuz, 36th separate marine brigade, is fighting in the Zaporizhzhia sector.

- Senior soldier Serhiy Prymochenko, a mortar gunner with the 54th separate mechanised brigade named after Hetman Mazepa.

- Senior soldier Viktor Dorenskyi, a driver of the 80th Brigade. Fighting near Klishchiyivka, very powerful! Senior soldier Maksym Makarenko, part of the "Eighty", is fighting for Ukraine in Donbas.

- Senior soldier Oleksandr Lysenko, 5th separate assault brigade, and others.

"I am proud of all of you, our soldiers! Each and every one of you! And I would like to make a special mention today of the units that support the offensive of our troops. These are the units of Ukrainian sappers. They are clearing the Ukrainian land of Russian mines, opening the way for our soldiers to move forward. The 808th separate support regiment, the 48th Kamianets-Podilskyi engineering brigade, the 143rd Joint Training Centre of the Support Forces - thank you all!" - Zelenskyy emphasised.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- Zelenskyy thanked Germany and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz personally for the transfer of additional Patriot air defence systems to Ukraine. The Head of State stressed that these systems will save thousands of lives in our country;

- the day before, Zelenskyy held a meeting of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief's Staff in a special format - with the narrowest circle of key people. The Head of State and the Armed Forces commanders discussed plans for the Ukrainian army's offensive in the near future.

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