Zelensky: Occupiers will be afraid to approach Crimea!

Crimea remains Ukrainian

President Volodymyr Zelensky traditionally addressed Ukrainians from Odessa, where he arrived in honor of the professional celebration of Ukraine's Navy Day. He thanked our defenders of the Black Sea for their courage, for their heroism, for the very cool results for our whole country, which they received and continue to produce.

The president's words were published on his Office's YouTube channel. In them, he detailed his visit to Ukraine's largest region (to see the video, scroll to the end of the page).

"Today I had the honor to award the best, congratulated the cadets of the Institute of Naval Forces of our Odessa Maritime Academy. I visited the wounded soldiers in the hospital. Wishing everyone a speedy recovery. And it was a special honour for me to leave my wishes on the copy of "Kobzar", which has been accompanying our soldiers in battles since the 14th year", said Zelensky.

He also spoke about the reports of the commander of the Naval Forces, Vice-Admiral Aleksey Neyezhpapa, as well as the commander of the "Odessa" The Joint Strategic Force Grouping, General Moskalev. The military described the security situation today and regarding our strategic objectives - for our fleet, for the new direction - the naval drone fleet - and for our coastal defense.

"The enemy will definitely not dictate conditions in the Black Sea, and the occupants will have to be as afraid to approach our Ukrainian Crimea and our Azov Sea shores as Russian ships are already afraid to approach our Black Sea coast," the guarantor summarized.


On this significant and solemn day Zelensky has addressed also to the civil workers of the Ukrainian sea and river fleet. To all who ensure the safety and work of the Ukrainian ports, the possibility, despite the Russian blockade of the Black Sea, to give life to the domestic economy and connect our Ukraine with the world markets.

"Thanks to all seafarers, port workers, ship repairers, thanks to business, employees and, of course, to each of our warriors defending the security of Ukrainian ports, Ukrainian cities, and Ukrainian shores. Together we will win! Never Ukrainian shores will tolerate the occupant", - he concluded.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL reported that the president in Odessa congratulated the military naval forces of the AFU on their professional holiday. He thanked them for their services to Ukraine, which inflicted an unprecedented defeat on the enemy fleet.

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