Is Trump Putin's puppet? What is happening in the US and will Ukraine receive long-awaited financial aid

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Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump
Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

Recent political events and scandals in the United States of America are becoming more and more alarming. This is true for millions of Ukrainians and Americans alike.

In my years of active work and communication with American politicians, I have never seen such serious contradictions between the Democratic and Republican parties in Congress. The destructive influence of Donald Trump is having its effect: fewer and fewer Republican congressmen are ready to support Ukraine and, most importantly, to vote for the allocation of more than $60 billion in financial assistance to your country.

Unfortunately, today I can say clearly that Trump is turning into a puppet of Vladimir Putin. He is not acting in the interests of the United States or our allies (including Ukraine and Israel). Any pro-American politician who cares and wants the good of the United States will tell you that we simply have to support democratic forces and fight authoritarianism.

Trump's decisions show that the most important thing for him is not the interests of the United States but his own ego. He is playing along with Putin. He has become a fellow traveler of an authoritarian president who wants to divide this world with blood.

Some Republicans and Trump himself are confident that they will be able to reach an agreement with both Putin and Xi Jinping. That is, to sign a "deal" that can solve all political, economic, social, and military problems in an instant. But this is not the case.

Obviously, the world is more complicated than 2+2, and the US President, as well as the legislative bodies (Senate and House of Representatives), should take their responsibilities as seriously as possible.

This thesis applies not only to Trump but also to the Biden's administration. What is happening now, for example, in the US information space, has not been prepared for 1 week or 1 month. These are all the consequences of Russian propaganda, which has been spreading like a cancer in the minds of Americans for years.

Now, the fakes and manipulations regularly spread by people like Tucker Carlsen, Jackson Hinkle, or Elon Musk are not just Russian propaganda, they are simply propaganda. Through their daily statements, they spread the narratives Moscow needs perhaps without even realizing it.

If we are talking about Ukraine, I really want the Biden's dministration to treat this issue with full responsibility. Let's be honest: as of today, the probability of a positive vote to allocate money to Ukraine is still over 50%, but it is getting smaller as the issue is delayed. Nevertheless, I hope and ultimately expect that the White House will be able to provide us with financial assistance before the US presidential election in November 2024.

I have just recently spoken with some members of the US Department of Defense who told me directly that our country is ready to supply Ukraine with weapons and military equipment at any time. Everything is ready: everything is loaded on airplanes and is waiting for the House of Representatives.

When the decision to allocate aid to Ukraine is made (I hope so it will), it is important for the Biden's administration to give us everything at once. It is important that the aid is not delayed over months and years but is delivered in the full amount of money and weapons as soon as possible so that if Trump wins, he will not be able to block what Congress has allocated.

I really hope that the White House will have enough foresight in this matter.

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