China offers to give occupied Ukrainian regions to Russia to end war - The Wall Street Journal

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China's special envoy, known for his ties to Moscow, suggests giving occupied territories of Ukraine to Russia

During a tour of Europe in May, Chinese government spokesperson for Eurasian affairs Li Hui left a clear message from Beijing. The PRC believes that the US allies in Europe should defend their autonomy and demand an immediate ceasefire, leaving Russia with the parts of Ukraine it currently occupies.

This was reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing Western officials familiar with the talks in capitals across the continent. Hui urged European governments to consider China as an economic alternative to Washington and said they must act quickly to end the conflict between Russia and Ukraine before it spreads.

The article noted that the interlocutors questioned China's ability to act as an honest mediator in any negotiations, given how closely it is tied to Moscow. The officials said they did not believe that peace could be achieved until Russian troops were withdrawn from Ukraine.

One diplomat who spoke to Li said: "We explained that it is not in the interest of the international community to freeze the conflict until Russian troops are withdrawn."

Another diplomat suggested that China is probably testing the unity of the West and trying to take the initiative.

Beijing's main interests, the article emphasised, are that Russia does not lose the war and that Moscow refrains from using nuclear weapons.

As a reminder, during Li's visit to Poland, the parties exchanged views on a political settlement of the "crisis in Ukraine". China's special envoy said that escalation and prolongation of the Ukrainian crisis is not in the interests of all parties, and Beijing hopes that the war "will subside as soon as possible and peace talks can resume".

Poland has stated that it is ready to work together with China to achieve significant progress in Polish-Chinese relations. The Polish side highly appreciates China's constructive role in international affairs as a permanent member of the Security Council and expects China to continue to play a positive role in the Ukrainian issue to help ease the current tensions and bring about peace as soon as possible.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- Chinese Special Representative Li Hui, who toured Europe to engage in in-depth communication with all parties on a political settlement of the crisis in Ukraine, has close ties to the terrorist state of Russia, as he worked in Moscow for many years. The diplomat has also received Russian awards and personal gratitude from dictator Vladimir Putin;

- China has asked foreign embassies and international organisations based in Beijing not to use the exterior walls of their buildings for so-called "political propaganda". In particular, it referred to Ukrainian symbols on buildings.

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