What time of day is the most stressful: experts advise how to reduce stress

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Stress, anxiety, and tension accompany us every day. It's important to be able to distract yourself from your daily routine to minimize the harmful effects of stress on your health. Recently, researchers have found that there is a certain time of day when most people feel the highest level of depression and tension.

The survey showed that getting ready for work and getting children ready for school makes the morning the most stressful time of the day. The details were reported by the Daily Mail.

Stressful time of day

The researchers asked thousands of adults when they feel the most stress during the day, and 51% of respondents admitted that they often feel anxious from the moment they get out of bed.

8:15 a.m. is the most stressful time of the day, the researchers found.

Respondents said that they tend to lose 20 minutes and 28 seconds to unexpected complications during this time, so they fail to be focused and punctual.

  • More than half of the adults surveyed, 51%, said they never have enough time to complete their morning routines and obligations.
  • At least 35% of respondents said they experience some form of stress in the morning.
  • And almost half, 47% of respondents, said that in the morning they do not have time to do even half of what they had planned.

The findings are quite alarming, as doctors warn that stress, nervousness, or exhaustion can increase the risk of developing dementia and other neurological diseases.

Among the usual morning worries, respondents named lack of sleep, searching for keys, socks or other important things, and unpredictable children's emotions, which often turn even a well-planned morning routine into chaos.

Important tips

The researchers gave five tips to help reduce stress associated with morning activities.

  1. Prepare all the most important things in the evening: think about clothes, find underwear and socks, and prepare breakfast ingredients.
  2. Creating an easier and more consistent morning routine that every family member can follow will help you build muscle memory on days when you wake up especially tired.
  3. For parents, experts recommend getting up at least 30 minutes before their children are supposed to wake up, giving them some free time to prepare for the new day.
  4. You should also consider delegating certain household chores and responsibilities to your children, focusing on useful, age-appropriate tasks.
  5. Researchers recommend that children and adults try to limit the use of gadgets in the morning, given that social networks, TV shows, video games and other digital media can steal the precious minutes needed to prepare for a new day.

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