"We have not seen any signals": Lavrov makes a cynical statement about the war against Ukraine and the possibility of negotiations

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Russian Foreign Minister made a number of cynical statements in North Macedonia

At a press conference of the summit of OSCE foreign ministers, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has issued another bunch of cynical statements about Russia's invasion of Ukraine. He began to claim that Russia is allegedly at war with the West while Ukraine refuses to negotiate with the aggressor.

The head of Russia's "diplomacy", in his usual boorish manner, said that instead of negotiating in "tango", Kyiv and the West "breakdance" and that Moscow "sees no reason to revise the goals of the special operation". Lavrov's statements, made in Skopje, North Macedonia, are being quoted by Russian journalists.

According to Lavrov, the aggressor state is willing to negotiate, but the unwillingness of Kyiv and Ukraine's Western partners to stop Russian aggression against Ukraine allegedly stands in the way.

"It takes two to start a political process. It's like a tango. But the guys on the other side are not dancing tango but breakdancing. You have to dance solo there," the Russian Foreign Minister said.

He recalled a recent statement by the head of the Servant of the People party faction in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, David Arakhamia, who said that in March 2022, during the Russian-Ukrainian talks in Istanbul, "peace agreements" were allegedly almost reached. At the same time, Lavrov expectedly blamed the then British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for the failure to conclude these agreements. The fact that the world then saw the atrocities committed by the Russian military in the Kyiv region, according to Lavrov, had nothing to do with Ukraine's unwillingness to negotiate with war criminals.

Lavrov also complained that no one wants to capitulate to Russia, which is destroying Ukrainian cities, killing Ukrainians, occupying its territories and committing many war crimes against our country.

"So far, we have not seen any signals from either Kyiv or its hosts that they are ready to move to the political process. We don't see any. Moreover, a year and a half ago, Zelenskyy signed a special decree prohibiting negotiations with Putin's government, so this is a court case. He is not going to cancel it," Lavrov said.

He repeated the Kremlin's traditional narrative that Russia is allegedly at war not with Ukraine but with the entire West. And that Western countries are "unreasonably" afraid that the aggressor's appetite will only increase if Ukraine is captured.

"And if you listen to what they are saying and what all the secretaries of NATO and the European Union are saying, you will hear only one thing: that we must support Ukraine because if Ukraine fails, it will be a defeat for the whole West. And lately, they have started to add that after Ukraine, Russia, Putin, will attack the Baltic States, Poland, and other neighboring countries. This was not said by some low-key politician. This was said by the head of the Pentagon, Mr. Austin. He said that Russia will not stop at Ukraine, so we have no right to lose in Ukraine. Whether they lose or win, they don't hide it. They are waging a war," the Russian Foreign Minister skillfully shifted the responsibility.

Lavrov also spoke about the "goals of the SMO". It seems that they have changed again. This time, according to the Russian Foreign Minister, the aggressor state intends to "force" Ukraine to comply with its own constitution. According to the Kremlin's interpretation, it obliges Ukraine, for example, to abandon teaching in public schools in Ukrainian in favor of Russian. Lavrov also did not leave behind the alleged "oppression of ethnic Russians" in Ukraine.

Lavrov assured that Moscow did not intend to "revise" these constantly changing "goals."

"It is based on the fact that the leadership of our special military operation knows what goals it is achieving. This operation is controlled by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief regularly, and we see no reason why our goals should be revised. At least for the sake of returning these people to the implementation of their own constitution," the head of Russian "diplomacy" said.

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