Unusual Chernivtsi: what to see in the old city

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Unknown Chernivtsi

You don't have to go abroad to feel the atmosphere of Europe. It is worth planning a trip to the west of our country. There, on the border with Romania, is a "little Vienna". Today we will talk about it. However, we will not talk about typical locations but about those that are hidden from the eyes of tourists.

Read below to find out what to see in Chernivtsi.

Jewish cemetery

The city is famous not only for its university but also for its old Jewish cemetery, which, by the way, is the largest in Europe. This unusual place attracts travelers with its mystical appearance. Here, in addition to stone tombstones, the ceremonial hall is well preserved. Graceful bas-reliefs have also survived.

The first burials in the cemetery took place in 1866. Since then, about 50,000 thousand people have been laid to rest here. Interestingly, only a small percentage of the monuments are made in the traditional manner. The rest differ in shape, style, and material. There are mausoleums, obelisks, stelae, and sarcophagi.

Each of the monuments reflects the life of the deceased person. It is easy to trace the person's preferences and level of education, or to which political elite they belonged. Famous sculptors worked on the tombstones. Among them is Bernard Reder and others.

So if you like gloomy places and mystical stories, come here.

Unusual Chernivtsi: what to see in the old city


The location is rarely visited by tourists for a good reason. It is here that you can go on a time travel. You won't be able to go back to the prehistoric era, but 200 years ago is quite possible. The architecture and life of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are recreated here. On the territory of the museum, there are models of a forge, an inn, several windmills, folk huts and a church.

Each element of the exhibition is realistically placed. Sometimes it may seem that life is still in full swing here. The emphasis is on the heritage of Bukovyna, but there are also other ethnographic samples. Here you can also get to know the customs of Khotyn, Podnistrovia, Hutsul, and Prykarpattia.

By the way, there are places for recreation on the territory of the skansen. Tables with benches are compactly arranged among the branched trees. There are also stumps that serve as chairs. So, when you go here, feel free to bring some goodies with you. It is not forbidden to organize picnics.

Themed excursions and festivals are often held here, as well as theatrical performances of traditional Bukovyna weddings. You will not be bored.

Unusual Chernivtsi: what to see in the old city

Malevich's "Black Square"

The painting is known all over the world, and the monument dedicated to it was erected only in Chernivtsi. So every visitor to the city should visit the installation. The exposition is interactive and slightly different from the classic masterpiece. A small red ladder is attached to the canvas, which, according to the author's idea, is needed to climb up and write wishes.

The sculpture was unveiled on the centenary of the artist's Black Square in 2015. The initiator and ideological mentor was Anatolii Federiko. The man is sure that we must remember that Kazymyr Malevich was a Ukrainian artist of Polish origin. So we should not forget about this fact.

Turkish Square

Nowadays it is St. Mary's Square. It is one of the three squares that has survived in the city since ancient times. It can still recall the horrific events of the Golden Horde period.

The square is a sacred place for Chernivtsi residents. It is here that the oldest spring is located, which was once called the "Panska Krynytsia" (Pan's Well), and then the "Turkish Well". But it is not the name that matters but its role. It has been providing water to the residents for centuries.

They did not go there because of their religious beliefs, as one might think at first. The fact is that the water in Chernivtsi is too deep. The problem was solved only with the development of technology. Repeated attempts by the locals to find at least a small stream have never been successful.

Over time, people accepted this fact and completely gave up digging wells. Instead, they went to the only spring that never faded and gave Chernivtsi residents hope.

By the way, when you're here, pay attention to the Jewish mikvah and the Church of the Assumption of Mary. The latter is located not far from the square.

Unusual Chernivtsi: what to see in the old city

Heart of Love

For romance, go to Taras Shevchenko Park. There, among the lush greenery, is an unusual monument with a swing in the middle.

The sculpture was installed on Valentine's Day in 2006. Since then, the place has become a favorite among newlyweds. No wedding is complete without a visit to this location. And no wonder. Taking a picture near such beauty, especially on a memorable day, is a must.

A bridge leads to the installation, and a wrought-iron bench is located nearby. Traditionally, couples hang locks on them, but it is unknown where the keys go.

Chernivtsi is multifaceted and amazing. So do not ignore the city and plan your next trip here.

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