Ukrainian Stonehenge: Monastyryshche Nature Reserve in Kropyvnytskyi region

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The history of the name is associated with plans to build a monastery

Our country is rich in charming tracts and amazing landscapes. Sometimes it hides real treasures. Beyond the well-known tourist destinations, there are corners where you can find mysterious phenomena. These places are not only striking in their uniqueness but also still remain little known to many.

The canyon is located between the villages of Inhulske and Zavturove in the Ustyniv district. It is surrounded by majestic boulders. In his writings, Volodymyr Yastrebov described it as a "stone pillar". Over time, due to numerous dams, the river became shallow. Nowadays, the current washes the former island only on one side. A wide valley covered with lush grasses appeared on the other side.


Locals say that the story of the name's origin is associated with plans to build a monastery. There is a legend that this object served as an arena of hard labor for female nuns who could not resist the temptations of adultery. The punishment was daily hard labor: carrying soil in veils to the top. Such exhausting work and isolation from the world were supposed to be atonement for sins.

Others say that these are caves where Tatar or Cossack treasures are hidden. It is impossible to find them because the entrance is hidden on the hill and the exit is on the other side of the bank, underwater.

There is another legend. The son of a wealthy Turk fell in love with a serf girl, Malanka, and was kicked out of his home. The young couple found refuge on the islet. Later, the boy died in a fight with a bear, and the girl, along with her child, was taken away as a maid. It is also said that Master Trebynovskyi himself, in order to hide his feelings for his maid and avoid shame in front of his neighbors, built a small hut here and settled her here. The locals remember her as the most authoritative fortune-teller and healer.

In Hanna-Trebynivka, two kilometers away, people still find artifacts from the past: pieces of ancient pottery, tools, spindles, etc. These finds testify to the rich history of this region. You can also find samples of quartz stone, mica, and other minerals here. Attentive researchers can see an anthropomorphic image of a trident, which was probably left here in pagan times.

Ukrainian Stonehenge: Monastyryshche Nature Reserve in Kropyvnytskyi region

Interesting facts

  • The richness of flora and fauna of the landscape reserve

Various species of amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals have found a home here. Among them, special attention is drawn to the short-toed snake eagle, a majestic predator, and the green lizard, the largest in Ukraine.

The flora is not inferior to the fauna in diversity. In the warm seasons, the eye is pleased with picturesque flowers: gymnospermium odessanum, snake's head fritillary, pasque flower, dianthus andrzejowskianus, basket of gold, Asian flax, hyacinthella leucophaea, and spotted knapweed.

  • Similarities

The nature reserve resembles the Stonehenge attraction in the UK. The megalithic structure, consisting of several circles of huge stones, is located in England in a hilly desert near the city of Salisbury.

  • A place of silence

According to legend, travelers escaped from the noise of civilization and came here to retire and be alone with the environment.

Ukrainian Stonehenge: Monastyryshche Nature Reserve in Kropyvnytskyi region

How to get there:

  • by bus from Kropyvnytskyi;
  • by car from the regional center; it takes about 2 hours to get there.

Where to stay:

  • hotels or guest houses;
  • renting private rooms or apartments.

Prepare for the trip

Before you set off, take care of comfortable shoes and clothes as you may encounter reptiles on the way. Don't forget to take enough water, a tourist mat to rest on, and a snack to eat. In the warm seasons, be sure to bring a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

If you want to touch the mysterious creation of the Earth, come here. This Ukrainian landmark can easily compete with Stonehenge. To make sure we're telling the truth, be sure to visit it when you have a chance.

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