Ukraine develops AI-assisted demining technology: first details are known

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Fedorov spoke about the development of AI demining technology

In Ukraine, developers from the Brave1 military technology development cluster are creating an innovative demining technology with artificial intelligence. It will allow for faster identification of explosive devices and their fragments, which are all over the Ukrainian land due to the war.

The Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov spoke about the specifics of the development. He emphasized that our country is one of the most heavily mined in the world, with a contaminated area larger than that of Austria and the Czech Republic combined.

"Ukrainian artificial intelligence developers UADamage are working on a technology to speed up the identification of mines, shells and explosion craters, which can also contain dangerous debris. The developers are connecting artificial intelligence to sensors," the head of the Ministry of Digital Transformation said.

AI will detect explosive objects

According to him, AI identifies and classifies data on objects not only on the surface of the earth but also deep beneath it, and then automatically maps them. This speeds up demining tenfold, and makes the process safer for people in general.

As Fedorov explained, UADamage's technology works in three stages. The first stage involves strategic planning, for which a team of specialists uses satellite imagery and data from cadastres to determine the degree of mined territory.

The territory will be surveyed by a drone with a camera

The second stage involves a visual assessment for mines and explosives. A drone with a camera surveys the area, and AI detects dangerous objects.

Finally, the third stage is an inspection in the grass and underground, where various sensors are used.

AI-enabled technology will allow detecting dangerous objects on the surface and underground

"The most difficult thing about demining, apart from the number of mines, is that they can be at a considerable depth and cannot be seen by metal detectors. Join the Brave1 cluster with your innovations. Let's clear Ukraine of dirt together," the minister called.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, Time magazine told how tech giants have turned Ukraine into a "military AI laboratory." In particular, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Starlink have joined this work, allocating hundreds of millions of dollars to protect our country.

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